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Jackee Adamson

Hello, I'm Jackee

Fitness is my business and most of all my lifestyle. I have achieved an improved quality of life through fitness, and being able to take this message to my clients is my ultimate goal. I enjoy seeing my clients achieve their aims, which in turn has been my reward. A mother of 3 I understand the daily demands placed on us whilst finding the time to look after our physical health and well-being. It can feel like an uphill challenge so l’m hear with an out stretched hand to help support you up that hill. I do have an athletics background so know that determination, motivation and a don’t-quit attitude are paramount in achieving success. I’ve always been quite a driven person towards achieving my best and became an Amateur Bodybuilding Athlete in 2018. As with athletics I love the discipline and focus required to completely trust the process to get to the end result. So I am always determined to have my client looking their best, and develop programmes specific to their needs. If you are searching for the personal trainer that has determination, knowledge and experience to help get you to your next level. Then l’m the right person for you.

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07957 713 837


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