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Fitness Phenomenon is a personal training business designed to support you through your fitness journey no matter your starting point. You will receive personal training experience, knowledge and applied skills which intern will motivate, inspire and support you towards achieving your training goals.

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Hi I'm Pheobe,

I started training with Jackee at PureGym because a friend had recommended her to me as one of the best class instructors, and we started doing weekly face-to-face PT. Since lockdown started, we have been doing weekly virtual PT sessions. Training with Jackee has been hugely beneficial to my overall training. Although I was originally only seeking general improvements in my fitness, I have been inspired by Jackee's personal progress as a competitive bodybuilding athlete and as a result have started to focus more on muscle development. I love the way Jackee always pushes me to levels that I would never have the confidence to try on my own, working with ever-higher weights and reps and showing me that I'm capable of more than I realise. She never lets me slack off or give up when I find something challenging, and I finish our sessions feeling really proud of myself and motivated by my increasing strength. Jackee keeps our sessions fresh and full of variety, so I'm always learning new exercises to incorporate into my solo training. I've seen really noticeable aesthetic changes in my muscle definition since starting to train with Jackee, and I'm really looking forward to continuing to develop under her guidance.

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Hi I'm Marissa,

I always look forward to my sessions with Jackee. We have been working out together for so long now, that she has become part of my weekly routine. We always have fun together whilst working out, and that is very important to me as well. Jackee helped me push my boundaries and find strength in myself I did not know existed!

I started my personal training sessions with Jackee because I wanted to get fitter (not lose weight) and to prepare my body for pregnancy in August 2018. I achieved my goals very quickly! After 6 weeks, I could already see a massive improvement in my strength and muscle toning. Jackee helped me with my diet, which is an extra plus from my sessions.

I was my fittest ever when I got pregnant in July, Jackee have since helped me to retain my strength and workout routines safely. I am now about to have my last session with her, 8 weeks before my due date. Jackee’s sessions helped me stay energized and have an easier overall pregnancy.

I can not thank her enough for the last year and a half together! I’ve learned so much and I really hope I will be able to come back after the baby is born to get fit again 😊 I don’t know what I am going to do on my Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings now! Jackee you are the best personal trainer anyone could ever wish for, and I wish you all the best with your competitions this year. Competing whilst turning 50 – what an inspiration and role model!


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