One on One Training

Gym-Based 1-1 Personal Training

Gym based 1-1 person training is offered to anyone looking for direct support with personal training in the gym. 1-1 training currently takes place at a gym location within South West London.

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One on One Training

Remote PT Sessions

This service is suited for those people in self isolation at home still wanting to train with a guided PT professional. These LIVE sessions will be completed at home via Video Call and based on home equipment you have and your training goals.

If you purchase at least ten sessions upfront, you will also receive a meal and supplement plan to follow. Purchasing this service you will receive an email for you to confirm when you wish to get started.

Cost: £55 per session

One on One Training

Online Coaching

This online coaching service includes:

A Training Schedule

A Meal Prep Plan

A Supplement Plan

Online Coaching is a personalised service which is based on someone’s personal goals, daily routine and their physique. This is a periodised program which runs for 12 weeks. During the period you receive a training schedule; a meal and supplement plan to follow to ensure you are hitting your nutritional goals . Weekly check-ins will be scheduled via WhatsApp or video Zoom call to track your progress. You will also have direct access to speak to me via mobile.

Purchasing this service you will receive an email confirming all you need to get started on your transformation journey.

Cost: £150

One on One Training

Home Workouts

In light of the current COVID 19 pandemic and government self isolation rules. Home workouts have become more popular. I have developed 2 types of home workouts specifically for men & women. Home workouts can be adapted to work with whatever home equipment you have. Should you not have any equiptment, I can recommend a KIT list of equipment for use.

Buying this program you will receive an email with your program attached.

Home workout for MEN

Simple & flexible workout which can be used at home.
Cost: £20

Home workout for WOMEN

Simple & flexible workout which can be used at home.
Cost: £20

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